Congratulations to Germany and other winners at the Europe eGovernment Awards

21 Sep 2007 | 10:40 am | Autor: Roc Fages

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Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France and Norway were the winners of the European eGovernment Awards, in a total of 52 finalists. The prizes were given yesterday during the 4th Ministerial eGovernment Conference in Lisbon.

Special congratulations to Germany and its German Administration Services Directory (DVDV). The case was written at by a good friend of mine, the responsible for eGovernment Ministry for Finances in Bremen, Martin Hagen. In fact, he was the one that called me this morning and announced me the news. Congratulations Martin emoticon!!

The other winners are the City of Amsterdam from the Netherlands, the Ministry of Government Administration and Reform of Norway, and the City of Besançon with his Besancon.clic from France. A public vote gave the prize for the “Most Inspiring Good Practice” to the State Police of Italy.

The catalan project eCatalunya, from my autonomous community in the spanish State, was one of the finalists.

You can find more information about the awards at the Conference webpage (bad information, no links to the winners cases emoticon!!!), and at the webpage.


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Update: Iñaki Alberto Ortiz mades an excelent abstract of the awards (Thanks, Alberto, for your mention to this correction)

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    September 23, 2007 | 3:51 pm

    Roc, It wasn’t me. The excelent abstract was written by IƱaki. Everyone mixes our names very often!

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