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My colleague Ramon Sangüesa and I have opened a public wiki to include eGovernment 2.0 cases: egov20cases. The first cases included in the wiki are part of the work we made for, ‘State-of-art in Good Practice Exchange’, which I talked about it here in Goldmundus.egov20cases1.jpg

egov20cases is, as I said, open, so you are free to include -previous registration in Wikispaces- any 2.0 case related with eGovernment that you know or, why not, that you have participated in. as in the ePractice document, we have created the following categories to facilitate the case submission:

eParticipation (i.e.:
Citizens initiatives (i.e.: Atina Chile )
eGov info exchange (i.e.: )
Health (i.e.: Baby Center)
Inclusion (i.e.: Netherlands for Moroccans )
International initiatives (i.e.: Global Voices  )
National initiatives (i.e.: Administraciones en red  )

Previously, alo at the left side of the screen, there is a space named ‘To Think’ that describes generally the framework used to look for new sites as well as the main dimensions considered in their assessment.

For us it has started as a wiki experiment, but it would be nice to consider egov20cases a reference as a 2.0 egov cases in six months from now on. So, please, if you have time, we’d like you to participate or, if not, spread this message to your readers.

By the way, about our work, it has been published an article  at the first number of ePractice Journal. Thanks to the ePractice team for this consideration to our job.


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    January 9, 2008 | 10:55 am

    Gracias por la información. Por cierto muy bonito el diseño. Esto es lo que pasa que lees todo por el bloglines y no entras en los sitios.

    Por cierto espero que tus labores de padrazo vaya viento en popa. jejejeje.

    January 14, 2008 | 2:22 pm

    Magnífica iniciativa Roc. Siempre es interesante conocer buenas prácticas que se estén desarrollando en diferentes ámbitos

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